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Recruitment process

Each candidate will be recruited to join our teams via a four-step process:

  1. An interview with the Group’s HR managers will be set up to explore the candidate’s career path, their skills, expertise and main expectations.
  2. In case of validation, a second validation interview with an executive manager will follow.
  3. If the outcome is positive, a third interview will take place for a contract proposal.
  4. In case of agreement, a final meeting will be arranged to sign the contract and welcome the new employee!

The AXCO recruitment process is fully in tune with the CMG Consulting Group Code of Ethics, which is designed to promote our fundamental values.

As AXCO has recently opened a new branch in Porto, it provides a wide range of opportunities and training courses organized at our “AXCO Academy” centre for individual career management.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


Our strengths

The AXCO Academy

The AXCO Academy seeks to be a training centre for new consultants joining the firm. This centre will be run by CMG Consulting Group managers and senior consultants to facilitate the onboarding of new joiners and more specifically junior consultants. The AXCO Academy will provide our new employees with :

• A better understanding of the challenges of assignments

• A better identification of clients’ expectations

These training courses will be structured around different topics with a focus on our 5 business lines, thus ensuring that AXCO employees are able to quickly develop their skills.

Subsidiary of CMG Consulting Group

• 14 years of experience and know-how with Banks, Real Estate Groups and Insurance companies.

• Projects carried out in Portugal that comply with the Group’s best practices in terms of monitoring and quality approach.

• A Group-wide knowledge base shared and accessible to all our consultants.

• A HR Department focused on finding the future AXCO staff and manage their careers and training.

• Partnerships with leading schools, enabling us to identify and recruit the best talents.