About us

The CMG Consulting Group’s Portuguese subsidiary, AXCO, was created in January 2021 to support both :

Our local Portuguese customers together with our French customers’ subsidiaries

Our French customers’ transition projects involving a near-shoring approach in Portugal.

Based in Porto, AXCO mainly supports its banking, insurance, and real estate clients on operational and project-oriented issues (excluding IT) consistent with the CMG Consulting Group 5 business lines/ activities.

AXCO provides its clients with expertise in :

Governance and coordination

Project management and monitoring

Operational Assistance

For the nearshoring activities, AXCO’s expertise covers both the transfer of activities and the local development of such activities with the support of our team.

AXCO is a 100% subsidiary of the CMG Consulting Group. It leverages the expertise of the different competency centers of our Parisian subsidiaries to deliver its projects.